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City Taxi was established in the year 1983, as specialized company to render taxi & transportation services with the requirements of its franchiser (Dubai Transport Corporation) within Dubai region.City Taxi has a paid up capital of AED 3,500,000/- and a total investment of approximately 3,500,000 Million Dirham's, its main station where the starting and ending point of taxis is located at   registered office of the business is in  Dubai, UAE..City Taxi objectives shall be to transport passengers in and to the Emirate of Dubai by small vehicles (taxis); lease small vehicles and exercise any other activities related to such purposes.

The Agency may also transport passengers to the Emirate of Dubai from outside in accordance with any agreements made with the concerned authorities in the other Emirates.Since its beginning , Subject has developed all its resources to develop and improve the range of services offered to the Dubai population / customers, and they already has achieved a well known branded name and company image reflecting quality of the rendered services. Yet City Taxi considered one of the main names amongst taxi companies in the city of Dubai.

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City Taxi
PO:BO: 10428
Umm Ramool
Dubai, UAE
Tel : 04-2844220
Fax : 04-2851786 

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